ECU Studio - MV Turismo Veloce

Turismo Veloce 800

MV Agusta Turismo Veloce ECU flash reflash

Available options

Turismo Veloce 800 flash kit (1 license included)
Auto blipper sensor
VAT 21% Excluded
  • Features
    • ECU Reflash
    • ECU error codes clearing
    • Realtime log
    • Live data displayed on maps
  • Race features
    • Blip down shifting
    • Direct accelerator to throttle connection
    • Fast map switch
  • Tuneable maps
    • Ignition
      • Base and advanced timing
      • Temperature compensation
      • Idle ignition timing
    • Engine load and throttle opening
      • Engine Load to throttle opening
      • Intake Air Pressure to engine load
      • Accelerator position to engine load
      • Wide Open Throttle
    • Fueling
      • Base fuel map
      • Fuel trim
      • Compensations maps
      • Cranking
      • Cut Off
    • RPM Limiters
    • Settings
      • O2 sensor on/off
      • Exhaust valve on/off
    • Engine brake
    • Traction control

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